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Providing payment processing solutions for the medical and trade industries

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Smiling nurse reviewing paperwork with a patient
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Smiling white female medical receptionist receiving a credit card payment from a customer
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Older white male patient sitting on the coach with a young doctor reviewing medical information on a tablet
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Female customer paying for a product with a credit card
Older black female physician, smiling while accepting a credit card payment
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Business owners deserve better

You work hard every day to give your clients the best experience possible and support your employees and their families.

At Merchant Match, we believe you shouldn't lose money based on how your customer pay for your hard work. We work to understand your business and then provide a better system to receive payments and save you money that can be used for salaries, business improvements, and so much more.

Why Business Owners Choose Merchant Match
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Simple solutions to save you money

From compliance surcharge to dual pricing, we can design a customer pricing plan that works for you.

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Free terminals and no hidden fees

We offer free terminals for qualified merchants and zero monthly fees. Contact us today to see if you qualify.

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Exceptional customer support

Customer service and tech support is available 8 am-7 pm EST. All support agents are based in the U.S.

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What Our Customers Are Saying
We'd recommend them to anyone.

"Merchant Match has saved us quite a bit of money - over $16,000 a year."

M&R Motors

He [Kevin] made it so easy.

"We feel like our money is much better used at this point, because patients have options, and we're not throwing money away.

North Raleigh Periodontics

We don't pay any fees!

"Merchant Match is awesome, we don't pay any fees, and we love them, and they have great customer service!"

Inventory Management, Inc.

"It helps us save a lot of money as well!"

"It not only helps them [the patient] out, but it helps us save a lot of money as well!"

Family Eyecare Center

Meet our team

Our Mission is to provide all merchants with the opportunity to succeed by providing easy payment processing solutions whenever and wherever their business takes them.

We are thankful to work with some incredible business owners and look forward to working with you. Contact us at the links below.
Smiling white middle aged man's headshot, with short graying hair and a beard and mustache, Kevin Todd, Founder & CEO of Merchant Match Charity
Kevin Todd
Founder & CEO
Kevin is the President and Founder of Merchant Match and Merchant Match Charity.
Older white male headshot, smiling at the camera, Glen Merner, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Merchant Match and Merchant Match Charity
Glen Mermer
VP of Sales & Marketing
Glen manages new bank relationships and placement and onboarding for new merchants.
Headshot of a smiling white female with brown hair past her shoulders, Melissa Cordova, Operations Director for Merchant Match and Merchant Match Charity
Melissa Cordova
Operations Director
Melissa provides application support and account management for our merchants.
Merchant Match
6586 Hypoluxo Road
Suite 189
Lake Worth, Florida 33467
+1 (561) 352-9868
Merchant Match Charity
8480 Honeycutt Road
Suite 234
Raleigh, North Carolina 27615
+1 (561) 352-9868

Merchant Match is dedicated to giving its customers the best pricing plans for them, every single day.
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