Run your business
and make a difference.

What if a portion of every card transaction automatically went to a charity of your choice? Support a charity of your choice doing what you already do every single day.

Do you process
credit cards?

If the answer is yes, you can make an impact in your community every time you accept a credit card payment - at no extra cost to you.

Simply complete an application, receive your new payment processing system, choose your charity, and start making a difference.
Featured charities
Featured charities
What our partners are saying
Eye Deals Optometry

"Merchant Match has saved us quite a bit of money - over $16,000 a year."

Sharon Greg, Owner
M & R Motors

Dabney Animal Hospital

"We feel like our money is much better used at this point, because patients have options, and we're not throwing money away.

Monica Singletary
North Raleigh Periodontics

Merchant Match is dedicated to giving its customers the best pricing plans for them, every single day.
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