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Cash Advance

At Merchant Match, we empower small businesses through tailor-made, adaptable cash advances designed to help you grow your dreams. Our team specializes in securing approvals when other providers may fall short. We specialize in providing merchant cash advances to businesses, focusing exclusively on commercial financing solutions and not consumer loans.

Working capital

Merchant Match provides your business with working capital based on your average monthly credit card processing.

Dependent on sales

When your business's sales decrease, your cash advance payments will decrease accordingly to protect you in the sales cycle.

Simple payback system

Our transparent payback terms are based on a percentage of your monthly sales.

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Cash Advance Program

How it works

1. Complete a 5-minute application
2. Receive cash in as little as 24 hours
3. Make payments based on monthly revenue

Payment Reconciliation

Merchant Match provides businesses with the flexibility to pay vendors using their business card, regardless of the vendor's preferred payment method. By utilizing the Plastiq platform, clients can easily (1) link their business card, (2) enter payment details, and (3) dispatch payments in the recipient's favored format.

Maximize card rewards (cash back, travel points, statement credits)
Negotiate better terms with vendors
Achieve greater flexibility over business cash flow
Keep more cash in your primary business account
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Merchant Match is dedicated to giving its customers the best pricing plans for them, every single day.
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